vintage herman miller

I- like most other interior designers- design students, home décor enthusiast, or even just anyone whose heard of an Eames chair, are fully aware of the iconic brand, Herman Miller. This West Michigan company- started in 1905- was eventually bought by D.J. De Pree, with help from his father-in-law, the original, Herman miller. Ever since De Pree acquired the company, in 1923, the furniture world has never been the same. With legendary designers on their pay roll, Herman Miller became synonymous with the “modern” furniture craze sweeping the nation in the mid 1900s. And with such influential designers, revolutionary collaborations, and unheard of concepts, Herman Miller became leaders in the furniture industry.

While stumbling around my beloved pinterest feed the other day, I happened upon this great picture captioned “11 amazing vintage HermanMiller offices”. So as I sat in my Aeron chair, surrounded by my Herman Miller panels that made up my 8 by 8 cube and munched on my salad, I clicked this intriguing pin. And I was honestly so entertained by the images that followed. It really was amazing to see these vintage clippings that looked like they were taken off of the set of Mad Men, yet still had such relevance in today’s furniture market. This pinterest invoked google search eventually turned into a doodling session for me (the last three pictures), but I just wanted to share this great find with my favorite people. You all.

And for those of you who didn’t get enough in my brief history lesson, check out Herman Millers incredibly creative 108 second video, breaking down the company’s history a little more in-depth. Enjoy!