the story of color me quirky.

cmq_about me

Now you probably just stumbled upon this blog while maybe flipping through the "Next blog" key on blogspot- where the original color me quirky began- or maybe you found my instagram a perfectly curated way to rest your eyes during your lunch break and decided to adventure further by clicking "link in bio". Either way you're here now and you're wondering

"what is color me quirky all about?' Well let me tell you.

Color me Quirky was started as a new years resolution after this [then] twenty-two year old girl realized that she needed a consistent creative outlet during her time of designing simple/transitional offices for the insurances folks of America. After a few missed attempts at making this purely a resolution blog, she realized that the key way to produce post that people would like was to focus on her main passion, Interior design/decor.

And here we are. Color me Quirky. A lifestyle blog mainly focusing on interior design, with the occasional fashion post. Whether it be inspirational photos of sophisticated homes, or trends popping up within the decor world, this blog is just what you need.

So I hope you enjoy! & if it really is a home makeover you're looking for... look no further & hire me